collective nouns for birds

Collective Nouns for Birds

List of Collective Nouns for Birds, Babies, Gender & Plurals

ADDucation’s list of collective nouns for birds also includes the individual baby names, males and females and plural for each bird species. Did you know the first list of collective nouns was published in The Book of St Albans circa 1500 and it wasn’t definitive – it was based on folklore, humor and the whim of the publisher and it’s the same today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Birds & Group Names for Birds

FAQ About Birds & Groups of Birds

  • Are penguins birds or mammals?
    Birds have feathers, lightweight hollow bones and lay eggs – so penguins are birds not mammals.
  • How many species of birds are there?
    There are currently around ten thousand bird species in the world today, give or take a few hundred.

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Birds Offspring called? Collective Nouns for Birds Male Female Bird plurals
Generic Bird 🐦 fledgling, nestling, hatchling, chick. a flock of birds, a flight of birds (in the air). cock hen Birds
Chicken 🐔 chick, pullet (young hen), cockrell (young rooster). a brood of chickens, a flock of chickens, a peep of chickens, a chattering of chicks. rooster hen Chickens
Crane fledgling, nestling, hatchling, chick. a sege/sedge of cranes, a siege of cranes. Cranes
Crow fledgling, nestling, hatchling, chick. a muster of crows, a murder of crows. cock hen Crows
Cuckoo chick an incredulity of cuckolds (baby cuckoos), an asylum, a cooch. male female Cuckoos
Dove 🕊 squab, chick. a dule of doves, dole of doves, flight of doves, piteousness of doves. cock hen Doves
Duck🦆 duckling a raft of ducks, a brace, paddling or team of ducks. drake duck Ducks
Mallard / Duck duckling a sord of mallards. drake duck Mallard or Mallards.
Eagle 🦅 eaglet, fledgling. a convocation of eagles, aerie of eagles. tiercel hen Eagles
Emu chick, hatchling. a mob of emus. cock hen Emus
Finch chick a charm of finches. cock hen Finches
Flamingo chick a flamboyance of flamingos. male female flamingos or flamingoes.
Goose gosling a flock of geese, a gaggle of geese or a skein of (in flight) geese. gander goose Geese
Hawk eyas a cast or kettle of hawks, aerie of hawks. tiercel hen Hawks
Heron chick a sedge, scattering or siege of herons. cock hen Herons
Lark chick an ascension or exultation of larks. cock hen Larks
Magpie chick a tiding of magpies, a gulp of magpies. Magpies
Owl🦉 owlet, fledgling. a parliament of owls. male female Owls
Parrot 🦜 chick a company of parrots, a pandemonium of parrots. cock hen Parrots
Partridge cheeper a covey of partridges. cock chantelle, hen Partridge or Partridges.
Peafowl fledgling, nestling, hatchling, chick. a muster, pride or ostentation of peafowl. peacock peahen Peafowl
Penguin chick a colony of penguins, a rookery, parcel or huddle of penguins. A group of penguins in water is called a raft of penguins. 20 January is penguin awareness day #PenguinAwarenessDay. male female Penguins
Pheasant chick a nest, nide/nye, a head or bouquet of pheasants, brood (a family), nye (a large group). cock hen Pheasant or Pheasants.
Pigeon squab, squeaker. a flock, kit or flight of pigeons. cock hen Pigeons
Plover fledgling, nestling, hatchling, chick. a wing or congregation of plovers. Plovers
Quail fledgling, nestling, hatchling, chick. a covey, drift or bevy of quail. cock hen Quail or Quails.
Raven fledgling, nestling, hatchling, chick. an unkindness of ravens. Ravens
Rook chick a building of rooks, clamor of rooks, parliament of rooks. Rooks
Sparrow fledgling, nestling, hatchling, chick. a host of sparrows, meinie of sparrows, a tribe of sparrows. cock hen Sparrows
Starling fledgling, nestling, hatchling, chick. a murmuration of starlings, a cloud of starlings. Starlings
Stork fledgling, nestling, hatchling, chick. a mustering of storks, a phalanx of storks (when migrating). Storks
Swan 🦢 cygnet, flapper. a bevy, drift, herd, eyrar, game, sownder, team, whiting, lamentation or wedge of swans (flying in V formation), a bank of swans (on the ground). cob pen Swans
Swift fledgling, nestling, hatchling, chick. a flock of swifts. Swifts
Turkey 🦃 chick, poult a rafter of turkeys, a gang of turkeys. tom or gobbler (adult male),jake (juvenile male. hen or jenny Turkeys
Turtledove hatchling, chick. a pitying or dole/dule of turtle doves. Turtle Doves.
Woodcock chick a fall of woodcocks. cock hen Woodcocks
Woodpecker chick a descent of woodpeckers. male female Woodpeckers

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