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Collective Nouns for Insects

List of Collective Nouns for Insects & Plurals

ADDucation’s list of collective nouns for insects also includes the names for immature/infant insects along with the singular and plural spellings for insects. The first list of collective nouns was published in “The Book of St Albans” circa 1500 and it wasn’t definitive – it was based on folklore, humor and the whim of the publisher and it’s the same today. New collective terms are made up all the time (how about a groove of DJs?) which either stand the test of time or fall into disuse like “a fall of woodcocks” – the “future of Englishes” around the world is in your hands.

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Insect Young / immature / offspring baby infant called? Collective Nouns & Terms for Insects & Arachnids[1] Insect Plurals
Insect Larva or Nymph a flight of insects, a plague of insects, a swarm of insects, a horde of insects, a rabble of insects Insects
Ant Antling an army of ants, a colony of ants, a nest of ants, a bike of ants, a swarm of flying ants Ants
Bee Larva a grist of bees*, a hive of bees, a swarm of bees, a flight of bees Bees
Beetle Grub a colony of beetles, a swarm of beetles Beetles
Butterfly Caterpillar (Larva) a rabble* of butterflies, a rainbow of butterflies*, a kaleidoscope of butterflies*, a swarm of butterflies*, an army of caterpillars Butterflies
Click Beetle Wireworm (Larva) a colony of click beetles Click Bettles
Cockroach Nymph an intrusion of cockroaches Cockroaches
Dragonfly Nymph a cluster of dragonflies Dragonflies
Fly Maggots (Larva) a business of flies, a hatch of flies, a cloud of flies, a swarm of flies Flies
Gnat Larva a horde of gnats, a cloud of gnats, a swarm of of gnats Gnats
Grasshopper Nymph a cloud of grasshoppers, a cluster of grasshoppers Grasshoppers
Hornet Larva a bike of hornets, a nest of hornets Hornets
Ladybird, Ladybug, Lady Beetle Larva a loveliness of ladybugs Ladybirds, Ladybugs, Lady Beetles
Louse Nymph a flock of lice, a colony of lice, an infestation of lice Lice
Locust Nymph a plague of locusts Locusts
Midge Larva a bite of midges* Midges
Mite[1] Larva a mite of mites Mites
Mosquito Larva a scourge of mosquitoes* Mosquitoes
Scorpion[1] Scorpling (Nymph) a bed of scorpions, a nest of scorpions Scorpions
Spider[1] Spiderlings (Larva) a cluster of spiders*, a clutter of spiders* Spiders
Stick Insect Nymph a bushel of stick insects* Stick Insects
Termite Nymph a brood of termites, a colony of termites, a nest of termites, a swarm of termites Termites
Wasp Larva a nest of wasps, a swarm of wasps Wasps
* Notes: [1]Arachnids are NOT insects, they are included in this list of collective nouns for insects for your convenience. Some collective nouns for insects are poetic terms. There’s no official collective nouns committee, or authority, which approves new collective nouns so you can invent them yourself. Many collective nouns for insects only appear in lists of collective nouns – we only add new collective nouns if we can find references in published literature or other authority websites.

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