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List of Common Illnesses

Important! ADDucation’s list of common illnesses, symptoms and possible treatment is published for information only. Always seek professional medical advice if you, or anyone else, is experiencing any of the symptoms of the common infectious illnesses listed in the table below.

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Common IllnessesInfection, virus carrierIncubationSymptoms, courseTreatment
Athlete’s footBarefoot on damp surfacesVariableInflamed, itchy skin between the toesPowder, cream
CandidiasisIntercourseVariableGlans or vaginal irritation, white dischargeAnti-fungals
ChickenpoxDroplet and contact11-21 daysFever, headache, rashCompresses
CholeraUnclean food or water1-5 daysViolent diarrhoea, dehydration, can be fatalHydration
ConjunctivitisFrom hands to the eyesVariableItching, eye irritation / redness, pusAntibiotics
DengueAedes aegypti mosquito5-8 daysFever, headache, joint and muscle painPainkillers
DiphtheriaDroplet infection4-6 daysFever; gray tongue coating; heart damageAntibiotics
Ebola feverUrine, feces, blood, saliva7-14 daysFever, diarrhoea, internal bleeding, frequently fatalExperimental drugs only
FluDroplet infection1-3 daysFever, sweating, chills, headache and body achesTablets
GonorrheaIntercourse2-10 daysPain during urination; dischargeAntibiotics
Hepatitis AUnclean food or water3-6 weeksFlu-like courseConservation, peace
HerpesDirect contactVariableRecurrent sores / rednessAntivirals
Contact with infected person or object1-3 daysItchy rash, sores and pus filled blisters, possible feverOral antibiotics or antibiotic cream
LeprosyDroplet infection3-5 yearsBright spots on the skin, nerves destroyedAntibacterial
MalariaAnopheles mosquito10-40 daysFever with chills, heat, fatigue, headacheAntimalarials
MeaslesDroplet infection7-14 daysCold symptoms, fever, red rashDrugs
MumpsDroplet infection2-3 weeksJaw pain, swelling of the parotid glandDrugs
PlagueRat fleas2-5 daysFever and swollen lymph nodes, often fatalAntibiotics
PolioDroplet infection3-14 daysFever, headache, neck and muscle stiffness, paralysisBed rest, vaccination
RubellaDroplet infection17-21 daysFever and rashDrugs
ScarletDroplet infection2-4 daysSore throat, headache, red rashAntibiotics
ShinglesReactivation of varicellazoster virusesVariablePainful rash (blisters) on ribs or waistAntiviral agents; painkillers
Skin fungusDirect contactVariableScales and spots on head and skinAntifungals
Sleeping sicknessTsetse fly bite3 days to 4 weeksFever, fatigue, headache, coma, deathProtozoan agents
SmallpoxDroplet infection12 daysFever, rash, often fatalVaccination
SyphilisIntercourse3-4 weeksUlcers on the genitals, rash, fatigueAntibiotics
TapewormContaminated food5 weeksIntestinal pain, worm limbs excreted in stoolAnthelmintics
TetanusVia wounds3 days to 3 weeksRigid smile, trismus, muscle spasmsAntitoxin
TrichomoniasisSex or wet towelsVariableInflammation of the vagina, yellow dischargeProtozoan agents
TyphoidUnclean food or water7-14 daysHeadache and abdominal pain, fever, diarrhoea, possibly deadlyAntibiotics
Whooping coughDroplet infection7-14 daysCoughing with outstretched tongue, fever, vomitingAntibiotics
Yellow feverAedes aegypti mosquito3-6 daysNeck, head and back pain, fever, renal failure, possibly fatalStill unknown, possible vaccinations

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