fruit family list

Fruit Family List

Fruit Family List

A plant’s taxonomy is its classification, written in Latin, showing the hierarchy and relationships between species. It’s divided into various classes including the family and the genus. Our fruit family list shows the relationships between a wide range of common fruits along with their latin botanical names.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fruit Family Names

FAQs About Fruit Family Names

  • What’s the difference between Raisins, Currants and Sultanas?
    They are all dried grapes but each have different culinary uses and generally not interchangeable in recipes:
    • Raisins: Made from dried white Moscatel grapes, deep red in color and bigger and sweeter than currants and will soak up flavors. Used in Mince pies, Christmas cake and Christmas pudding.
    • Currants (aka Corinth raisins, Zante currants): Small black, shriveled dried fruit with a sweet flavor. Used in Spotted Dick and Eccles cake.
    • Sultanas: Made from dried white grapes, are golden in color and sweeter than currants. Sultanas are plumper and do not soak up other flavors as readily as raisins.

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List of Common FruitsFruit Scientific Name / Latin Name / Botanical NameGenusFamilyGeneric Group
AçaíEuterpe oleraceaEuterpeArecaceaePalm
AllspicePimenta dioicaPimentaMyrtaceaeMyrtle
AppleMalus pumilaMalusRosaceaeRose
ApricotPrunus armeniacaPrunusRosaceaeRose
AvocadoPersea americanaPerseaLauraceaeLaurel
BearberryArctostaphylos uva-ursiArctostaphylosEricaceaeHeath
BilberryVaccinium myrtillusVacciniumEricaceaeHeath
BlackcurrantRibes nigrumRibesSaxifragaceaeSaxifrage
BoysenberryRubus ursinus × Rubus idaeusRubusRosaceaeRose
BreadfruitArtocarpus altilisArtocarpusMoraceaeMulberry
Camu-camuMyrciaria dubiaMyrciariaMyrtaceaeMyrtle
Cantaloupe / Muskmelon
Cucumis melo variety cantalupensisCucumisCucurbitaceaeGourd
Cape gooseberryPhysalis peruvianaSolanaceaeNightshadeNightshade
Caper berryCapparis spinosaCapparisCapparaceaeCaper
Casaba Melon
Cucumis meloCucumisCucurbitaceaeGourd
Cherry / Wild Cherry
Prunus avium (sweet cherry), Prunus cerasus (sour cherry)PrunusRosaceaeRose
Chinese GooseberryActinidia deliciosaActinidiaActinidiaceaeKiwi
CitronCitrus medicaCitrusRutaceaeCitrus fruit
ClementineCitrus × clementinaCitrusRutaceaeCitrus fruit
CoconutCocos nuciferaCocosArecaceaeArecaceae
Crab appleMalus sylvestrisMalusRosaceaeRose
CrenshawCucumis meloCucumisCucurbitaceaeGourd
DatePhoenix dactyliferaPhoenixArecaceaePalm
DewberryRubus flagellaris (northern dewberry), Rubus trivialis (southern dewberry)RubusRosaceaeRose
Dragon fruitHylocereus undatusHylocereusCactaceaeCactus
FeijoaAcca sellowianaAccaMyrtaceaeMyrtle
FigFicus caricaFicusMoraceaeMulberry
Goji berryLycium barbarum or Lycium chinenseSolanaceaeNightshadeNightshade
Golden berry / Goldenberry
Physalis peruvianaSolanaceaeNightshadeNightshade
GooseberryRibes uva-crispaRibesSaxifragaceaeSaxifrage
GrapeVitis viniferaVitisVitaceaeGrape
GrapefruitCitrus × paradisiCitrusRutaceaeCitrus fruit
GuavaPsidium guajavaPsidiumMyrtaceaeMyrtle
Honeydew Melon
Cucumis meloCucumisCucurbitaceaeGourd
HuckleberryVaccinium membranaceumVacciniumEricaceaeHeath
Actinidia deliciosaActinidiaActinidiaceaeKiwi
KumquatFortunellaCitrusRutaceaeCitrus fruit
LemonCitrus × limonCitrusRutaceaeCitrus fruit
LimeCitrus × aurantiifoliaCitrusRutaceaeCitrus fruit
LoganberryRubus × loganobaccusRubusRosaceaeRose
LoquatEriobotrya japonicaEriobotryaRosaceaeRose
LycheeLitchi chinensisLitchiSapindaceaeSoapberry
MandarinCitrus reticulataCitrusRutaceaeCitrus fruit
MangoMangifera indicaMangiferaAnacardiaceaeCashew
MulberryMorus alba (white mulberry), Morus nigra (black mulberry)FicusMoraceaeMulberry
Muscadine grapesVitis rotundifoliaVitisVitaceaeGrape
Muskmelon / Cantaloupe
Cucumis melo variety cantalupensisCucumisCucurbitaceaeGourd
NectarinePrunus persica variety nucipersicaPrunusRosaceaeRose
OliveOlea europaeaOleaOleaceaeOlive
OrangeCitrus reticulataCitrusRutaceaeCitrus fruit
PapayaCarica papayaCaricaceaeCaricaceaePapaya
Passion fruit / Passionfruit
Passiflora edulis
Passiflora L.PassifloraceaePassion Flower
PeachPrunus persicaPrunusRosaceaeRose
PepinoSolanum muricatumSolanaceaeNightshadeNightshade
Persian melonCucumis melo variety cantalupensisCucumisCucurbitaceaeGourd
Peruvian groundcherryPhysalis peruvianaSolanaceaeNightshadeNightshade
Physalis peruvianaSolanaceaeNightshadeNightshade
PineappleAnanas comosusAnanasBromeliaceaePineapple
PitayaHylocereus undatusStenocereusCactaceaeCactus
PlantainMusa × paradisiacaPlantagoMusaceaeBanana
PlumPrunus domesticaPrunusRosaceaeRose
PomegranatePunica granatumPunicaLythraceaePomegranate
PomeloCitrus maximaCitrusRutaceaeCitrus fruit
Prickly pear / Nopal
PrunePrunus domesticaPrunusRosaceaeRose
Cydonia oblonga
RaisinVitis viniferaVitisVitaceaeGrape
RaspberryRubus idaeusRubusRosaceaeRose
RedcurrantRibes rubrumRibesSaxifragaceaeSaxifrage
RhubarbRheum rhabarbarumRheumPolygonaceaeVegetable!
Rose hip / Rosehip
Rosa caninaRosaRosaceaeRose
Ruby red grapefruitCitrus × paradisiCitrusRutaceaeCitrus fruit
SloePrunus spinosaPrunusRosaceaeRose
StarfruitAverrhoa carambolaAverrhoaOxalidaceaeOxalis
StrawberryFragaria × ananassaFragariaRosaceaeRose
SultanaVitis viniferaVitisVitaceaeGrape
TamarilloSolanum betaceumSolanaceaeNightshadeNightshade
Tamarindus indica
TamarindusCaesalpinioideaeTamarind Sub
TangeloCitrus × tangeloCitrusRutaceaeCitrus fruit
TangerineCitrus tangerinaCitrusRutaceaeCitrus fruit
Ugli fruitCitrus reticulata × Citrus paradisiCitrusRutaceaeCitrus fruit
WatermelonCitrullus lanatusCitrullusCucurbitaceaeGourd
White currantRibes rubrum, “White grape”RibesSaxifragaceaeSaxifrage
YoungberryRubus ursinusRubusRosaceaeRose
Notes: In botanical names x denotes a hybrid

fruit family list

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  1. JC says:

    Thanks for the suggestions. That’s a lot of work but we agree adding the scientific names would be good. We do already have separate lists for trees, nuts and seeds so maybe we could make a Mega list of these in the future.

  2. thalari bhaskar says:

    All types of fruits and vegetables and plants&trees syntific names &family’s list in one order like a one box

  3. JC says:

    Hi Hector, thanks for your feedback. You are correct, scientifically speaking Tomatoes are fruits. Cooks and scientists like to argue the point. Since this list is in the Mankind and Nature category (rather than the Science and Technology category) we’ll leave tomatoes out of this list because it is included in our Vegetable family names list Maybe we should add a footnote to both lists?

  4. Hector says:

    Aren’t tomatoes botanically berry-type fruits? Yes, they are considered culinary vegetables, but they’re still fruits, aren’t they?

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