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Fun Facts about Humans 👪

Fun Facts about Humans 👪 50 Amazing Facts about the Human Body

We can’t swear to the accuracy of all these fun facts about humans but they are certainly widely believed – and fun, as advertised in the title! If you know better or have other funny facts about humans please add your comments and we’ll take a look.

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An adult has 700 named muscles, 206-214 bones, over 100 joints and at least 100 billion nerve cells. Internal organs, stats
One of the surprising facts about humans is one cough can accelerate air up to a speed of 480 km/h (298 mph). Human trivia
Women’s tears are half a degree warmer than men’s tears. Human trivia, temperature
The length of a man’s foot 🦶🏼is approximately 1/7 of his height. With women it’s more complicated 😉 Human trivia
43% of all Central Europeans have the blood group A, followed by 0 (39%), B (13%) and AB (5%). Blood types
About 80% of people breathe through only one nostril, but this alternates regularly. Human trivia, breathing
Humans lose between 40 and 100 hairs daily, but don’t panic, one of the hair raising facts about humans is we have, on average, around 100,000 hairs and new hairs grow daily. Human trivia, hair facts
👩Women on the pill blink roughly one third more often than others. Human trivia, contraception
A person’s height is roughly the same as the length of their outstretched arms. Human trivia, body stats
An adult breathes in and out about 15 times a minute. Inhaled air contains 21% oxygen, and exhaled air 16% oxygen, 4% carbon dioxide and 1% noble gas. Human trivia, stats
Women’s hearts beat faster than men’s hearts (on average 70 compared to 78 beats per minute on account of the 10% size difference). Human trivia, stats
In the evening we shrink by up to 2 cm compared to when we wake up in the morning because our spinal discs become compressed during the daytime. Human trivia
Marilyn vos Savant, an American writer, had the highest IQ ever recorded. At the age of 10 she already achieved a value of 228. Other measurement methods recorded 186 and 218. Human trivia, facts about human brain
One of the facts about humans sure to encourage you to clean your teeth is that there are  up to 100,000 🦠live bacteria on a “brushed” tooth but up to one BILLION on an “unbrushed” tooth! Teeth trivia
The width of the shoulders corresponds to a quarter of a person’s height. Human trivia, body facts
Elephants and whales have heavier brains than humans but taking into account the ratio between the weight of the brain and the body humans come out on top between 1:33 and 1:44 with chimpanzees 1:150, bees 1:175, ants 1:280, dogs 1:500, elephants 1:560, Cockroach 1:3300 and whales 1:15000. Relative brain sizes
The length of your foot 🦶🏼is roughly the same as the distance between the inside of your elbow and your wrist – try it! Human trivia, body facts
Our skull 💀consists of 22 different bones. One of them (the “intermaxillary” jawbone) was discovered by the writer Johann Wolfgang Goethe in 1784. Human skeleton
Humans host ten times more bacteria (🦠approximately 100 trillion) in their body than their own cells! Human trivia
Around 200 different types of cold viruses are known to us but the actual number is probably much higher. Human illnesses
For around three years of our life we are suffering from colds, coughs and sore throats. Human illnesses
Who’d have guessed the “G” in G-Spot is taken from the surname German gynecologist “Gräfenberg”. If you’re having trouble finding it, Gräfenberg is a town in Frankonia 🙂 It turns out the G Spot doesn’t exist so we can all stop looking. Body part facts
You will blink your eyes 👁️around 415 million times in your life – trying to blink less often or more slowly won’t extend your life! Human trivia
One of the eye opening facts about humans is that between 90 and 95% of all human sensory perceptions are visual stimuli. Human senses, vision
In good light humans can distinguish between 1 million colors and recognize 10 million color areas and put names to around 150 colors. Human senses, color vision
Humans can, on average, differentiate sounds that are 5 Hz (¼ tone) different. A trained ear can perceive differences as little as 1 Hz. Human senses, hearing
Whispers can be heard up to 8m (26ft) way, talking up to 20m (66ft), screams to 200m (666 ft) with a record 17km (10.6 miles) in optimum conditions. Human senses, hearing
There are far more left-handed men than left-handed women. Human trivia, handedness
Coffee drinkers have sex more frequently than non-coffee drinkers. Whether the coffee is drunk before, during or after remains a mystery. Sex, coffee
Right-handers scratch themselves more often with the left hand and vice versa. Human trivia, handedness
Captain James Cook was the first man to walk on list of all the continents (except Antarctica). Human travel
The root of the penis is located at half a man’s height. Body part facts
The nail on the middle finger grows faster than that of the thumb. Body part facts
Phobiaphobia is a phobia about phobias. There are hundreds of recognized and named phobias. Human illnesses, mental health
When we are full, we don’t hear as well – now that is a fun fact about humans! Human food trivia
One of the gross facts about humans is we have around 625 sweat glands on ¾ sq inch (5 cm²) of skin. Body part facts
Nobody can kiss their own elbow or put your elbow in your ear. Human trivia
According to Carl Linnaeus, man belongs to the animal kingdom, the domain Eucarya, the phylum Chordata, the sub-tribe of the vertebrates, the class of mammals, the order of primates, the family of hominids, the Homo genus and to the species sapiens. Human stats
One of the gross facts about humans is that we inhale approximately 700,000 of their own flakes of skin every day, so we’re cannibals, right? Human trivia
Our lungs have a surface about the size of a tennis court. Human organs, stats
Each day throughout the world humans engage in sexual intercourse about 100 million times – that’s collectively, not each, just in case you were wondering. Sex
👦🏽👧🏻Children learn a new word every 2 hours until they’re 10 years old, that’s nearly 40,000 words. Human trivia, children, language
Human adults have 206 bones but babies have more, a lot more! Read why babies have beteen 90-95 more bones than adults… Body part facts
Our small intestine is around six feet (2 m) long on average. Body part facts
The most common human disease in the world is tooth decay. Human illnesses, teeth facts
One of the shocking facts about humans who are smokers is that they have 10 times more wrinkles than non-smokers! Human health, smoking
On average a person living to the age of 80 walks a distance equivalent to three times around the earth. Human trivia, travel
Most fast-food chains have red in their logo and on their equipment because red triggers hunger pangs in humans. Human perception
Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair. Body parts, hair stats
The length of your forearm (wrist to elbow) is roughly the same length as your feet. Body parts sizes
The 11 oldest living humans are currently all women 👵and most of them were born and lived in Japan or the USA (last fact checked April 2019). Human longevity
👵The oldest woman that ever lived is disputed. Nabi Tajima is a verified contender. She was born in Japan on 8 April 1900 and lived for 117 years and 260 days (verified deaths since 2008, last fact checked April 2019). Human longevity
The oldest living person is Kane Tanaka a 116 year old Japanese woman, born on 2 January 1903 (last fact checked April 2019). Human longevity
👴🏻The oldest man that ever lived is disputed. However Jiroemon Kimura was born in Japan and lived to be 116 years and 54 days (last fact checked April 2019). Human longevity
⚰️There are now no living human beings who were born in the 19th century. Human longevity

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