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Important! This list of common illnesses and symptoms is published for information only. Always seek professional medical advice if you (or anyone else) is experiencing any of the illnesses or symptoms listed below.

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Common Illnesses Infection, virus carrier Incubation Symptoms, course Treatment
Athlete’s foot Barefoot on damp surfaces Variable Inflamed, itchy skin between the toes Powder, cream
Candidiasis Intercourse Variable Glans or vaginal irritation, white discharge Anti-fungals
Chickenpox Droplet and contact 11-21 days Fever, headache, rash Compresses
Cholera Unclean food or water 1-5 days Violent diarrhea, dehydration, can be fatal Hydration
Conjunctivitis From hands to the eyes Variable Itching, eye irritation / redness, pus Antibiotics
Dengue Aedes aegypti mosquito 5-8 days Fever, headache, joint and muscle pain Painkillers
Diphtheria Droplet infection 4-6 days Fever; gray tongue coating; heart damage Antibiotics
Ebola fever Urine, feces, blood, saliva 7-14 days Fever, diarrhea, internal bleeding, frequently fatal Experimental drugs only
Flu Droplet infection 1-3 days Fever, sweating, chills, headache and body aches Tablets
Gonorrhea Intercourse 2-10 days Pain during urination; discharge Antibiotics
Hepatitis A Unclean food or water 3-6 weeks Flu-like course Conservation, peace
Herpes Direct contact Variable Recurrent sores / redness Antivirals
Leprosy Droplet infection 3-5 years Bright spots on the skin, nerves destroyed Antibacterial
Malaria Anopheles mosquito 10-40 days Fever with chills, heat, fatigue, headache Antimalarials
Measles Droplet infection 7-14 days Cold symptoms, fever, red rash Drugs
Mumps Droplet infection 2-3 weeks Jaw pain, swelling of the parotid gland Drugs
Plague Rat fleas 2-5 days Fever and swollen lymph nodes, often fatal Antibiotics
Polio Droplet infection 3-14 days Fever, headache, neck and muscle stiffness, paralysis Bed rest, vaccination
Rubella Droplet infection 17-21 days Fever and rash Drugs
Scarlet Droplet infection 2-4 days Sore throat, headache, red rash Antibiotics
Shingles Reactivation of varicellazoster viruses Variable Painful rash (blisters) on ribs or waist Antiviral agents; painkillers
Skin fungus Direct contact Variable Scales and spots on head and skin Antifungals
Sleeping sickness Tsetse fly bite 3 days to 4 weeks Fever, fatigue, headache, coma, death Protozoan agents
Smallpox Droplet infection 12 days Fever, rash, often fatal Vaccination
Syphilis Intercourse 3-4 weeks Ulcers on the genitals, rash, fatigue Antibiotics
Tapeworm Contaminated food 5 weeks Intestinal pain, worm limbs excreted in stool Anthelmintics
Tetanus Via wounds 3 days to 3 weeks Rigid smile, trismus, muscle spasms Antitoxin
Trichomoniasis Sex or wet towels Variable Inflammation of the vagina, yellow discharge Protozoan agents
Typhoid Unclean food or water 7-14 days Headache and abdominal pain, fever, diarrhea, possibly deadly Antibiotics
Whooping cough Droplet infection 7-14 days Coughing with outstretched tongue, fever, vomiting Antibiotics
Yellow fever Aedes aegypti mosquito 3-6 days Neck, head and back pain, fever, renal failure, possibly fatal Still unknown, possible vaccinations

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