unusual facts about animals

Unusual Facts about Animals

40 Unusual Facts about Animals

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AnimalUnusual Facts about Animals
WhaleThe heart of a blue whale is about the size of a VW Beetle.
OysterAn oyster changes its sex several times in life.
SilkwormSilkworms have 11 brains.
OctopusAn octopus has three hearts.
SnailSnails are hermaphrodites and can fertilize each other.
HenA hen lays about 300 eggs a year.
WoodpeckerWoodpeckers hammer their beak’s into trees up to 20 times per second.
FishFish don’t drink water, they absorb it through the skin.
CockroachCockroaches can live for nine days without a head before starving.
DuckA duck’s quack is said not to generate an echo – we have our doubts!
BeetleBeing able to carry 850 times its own body weight makes rhinoceros beetles the strongest animal in the world.
EarthwormThe longest earthworm ever found was 22 feet / 6.7 m long.
MoleMoles can dig tunnels totaling up to 75 feet / 23 m in one night.
ElephantElephants can take up nearly 9 liters of water with their trunk.
Puma / CougarPumas / cougars can jump as far as 60 feet / 18 m.
MouseA mouse has more bones (225) than people (who have 206).
GrasshopperA grasshopper will only jump in temperatures above 63 F / 17°c.
PigPigs aren’t able to look at the sky.
Red deerRed deer sleep no more than 5 minutes a day.
All creatures90% of all living creatures live in the sea.
ParrotChocolate is deadly to parrots.
CondorA condor can soar for up to 9 miles / 15 km without flapping its wings.
FlyFlies take off backwards.
ElephantElephants eat up to a ton of grass daily. Imagine a herd of elephants
MiteAn average of 6 billion dust mites live in a normal mattress.
RatRats find their way out of a maze more quickly when plays Mozart‘s music is playing.
CockroachCockroaches are said to eat anything except cucumbers.
OstrichAn ostrich egg requires 40 minutes of cooking before it is hard.
MosquitoOnly female mosquitoes bite, but they all love the color blue.
AlbatrossAn albatross can sleep while flying.
DolphinDolphins can hear sounds underwater from over 15 miles / 24 km away.
InsectsOn 2.5 km² of forest floor there are as many insects as there are people on Earth.
SharkSharks never get sick.
KangarooKangaroos can not jump backwards (not even Skippy the bush kangaroo).
MusselMussels can change their gender.
LeechLeeches are said to have 32 brains.
TapewormTapeworms eat themselves if they can’t find food.
AphidAphid females are born already pregnant.
RabbitRabbits love licorice.

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