Profile: Joe Connor


Joe was raised during the 1960s on I-Spy books and collecting tea cards in albums on a wide range of topics. The family encyclopedias were well thumbed and used to settle arguments.

He loved technology in all its forms and graduated in the late 1970s with expertise in arts and crafts, design and technology. Joe Connor was accepted as a member of the Chartered Society of Designers in the 1980s and formed part of the design team that won the BBC Design Award in 1990.

As an early adopter Joe believes he made it cheaper for the rest of us to afford technology but has the benefit of understanding how technology works "from the ground up". Joe made use of this expertise as a regular contributor to newsstand computing magazines and has authored hundreds of technical and general knowledge articles.

Several years ago Joe discovered he (in common with many men of a certain age) liked making lists and was the start of his devotion to creating, editing and maintaining general knowledge lists for which the rest of us can understand.

Lists created by Joe Connor