Profile: Joe Connor

Joe Connor
As a child growing up in 1960's Britain Joe soaked up general knowledge from an early age. He collected football and tea cards in albums and read I-Spy books. Arts and crafts and construction sets were everyday activities. Lively family discussions meant the family encyclopedias were often used to settle arguments. After school, he would visit his grandfather's workshop, learn craft skills - and work! His interest and understanding of how things work continued throughout his teenage years.

Joe left school in 1974 and enjoyed a successful career in engineering and design. He was always an early-adopter of all things technical. In 1982 Joe bought a Vic20 home computer and learnt to code. He wanted to understand how computers and software works. Joe says that's the secret:
Start early and learn from the ground up

During mid 80's London, Joe used his skills to turn ideas into products. In 1990 he was part of the design team that won the annual BBC Design Award. Joe shared his expertise by lecturing in 3D product design at Colchester Institute. He also contributed to several newsstand magazines. As editor of Atari Computing magazine he wrote and edited hundreds of articles.

Joe says he's now a specialist in general knowledge! It seems like a contradiction but Joe explained:
When I research new topics I spot the underlying principles and key facts fast.

Joe is happy to bring those skills to ADDucation. In common with many men of a certain age he loves lists. Joe always has a bunch of new lists in progress and he also helps maintain existing lists. Thanks Joe!

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