Profile: Robert Junker

Rober Junker
Since the age of 14 Robert Junker, from Frankfurt in Germany, has been passionate about general education, quiz shows and knowledge games.

Instead of playing Monopoly he preferred to play Trivial Pursuit or reading Karl May. Robert preferred to read general knowledge books, encyclopedias, or anything with torturous lengthy content. These were far too heavy to carry around on hiking trips his parents dragged him along with in the mountains and forests in Germany.

Deep in the Spessart, Robert decided, one day, he would create a pocket sized general knowledge book which would be easy to carry around. After years of study, traveling and a successful career his book was published and, in line with the concept of making general knowledge available to all, the general knowledge websites and were published where you can find really useful general knowledge available in entertaining lists without the waffle. Both websites are packed with key facts, dates, trivia and information enquiring minds will love. ADDucation lists offer easy reference, revision for students which work on all devices.

ADDucation Lists created by Robert Junker