How You Can Support ADDucation

Support ADDucation = More Free Knowledge!

Support ADDucation to help us share easy to understand, clearly structured, key facts and information online free to everyone.

When access to information, irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, religion or financial situation is made freely available to everyone everyone is a winner and together we can look forward to a brighter future with mutual understanding and respect.

But: Website and server maintenance costs money. Creating, curating and maintaining ADDucation takes time, a lot of time, and as we all know, time costs money. If you’d like to support ADDucation’s efforts here’s a few easy ways you can help:

  • Pause or Disable Your Ad-Blocker
    Our main source of income is advertising revenue. It only takes a click to pause your AdBlocker and help support ADDucation’s running costs. In return we promise we will never intentionally display annoying popup banners or aggressive flashing ads.
  • Display Ads – Sponsors & Advertisers Wanted!

    Our advertising rates are low right now because we’ve only just started monetizing ADDucation and building traffic takes time. Support ADDucation now and we’ll remember that as we grow. For example you could place a prominent Leaderboard ad (728 x 90) above each list site-wide – which would reach almost all ADDucation visitors as they navigate around over 170 pages. Our current monthly rates, CPMs and visitor numbers are available on request or via email to rjunker (at)
  • Share & Recommend Us To Your Friends
Knowledge is one of the few things in life that grows when shared. Liking our Facebook page and sharing our lists on Facebook is a great way to support ADDucation. There are sharing icons on all ADDucation Lists and Quiz pages for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn so it’s easy to share a list or free quiz with family, friends and colleagues who may be interested.
  • Do You Have An Audience?
    If you’re a blogger, podcaster, journalist, educator or pub quiz compiler please tell your audience about our free educational database, your support would be really appreciated. Please get in touch if you can help us spread ADDucation to a wider audience.

Support ADDucation & Everyone Wins!

We believe free education is charity work and can help change the world. Education helps alleviate stupidity, poverty, violence, xenophobia, fanaticism and intolerance. Education is vital to you, your friends and family and contributes towards a better future for us all.

Thanks for visiting, reading how this far about how to support ADDucation and being part of our adventure!

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