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Support ADDucation by sharing our easy to understand, clearly structured, key facts and information online free to everyone. We believe free access to information, irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, religion or financial situation helps make the world a better place for everyone. ADDucation has grown into a valuable free general knowledge resource. We are working towards a brighter future with mutual understanding and respect for all.

It was already taken years and thousands of hours to create new ADDucation lists, update existing tables, create royalty free illustrations, research and answer comments. There’s always more work to be done and, as the saying goes:

Time is money – and we never have enough of either!

ADDucation’s website hosting and server maintenance cost money so we really do need your help. Here are 4 easy ways you can help support ADDucation and make a difference:

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We believe free education helps to change the world which is why we give our time freely. Education and accurate unbiased fact-checked information helps alleviate stupidity, poverty, violence, xenophobia, fanaticism and intolerance which is more important in today’s world than ever before! Education is vital to you, your friends and family and contributes towards a better future for us all so please help ADDucation today.

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