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rainforest facts and figures

The Rainforest

List of Alarming Rainforest Facts & Information Are you ready for terrible rainforest facts and news? The world's tropical rainforest areas are constantly shrinking. Approximately 35 soccer fields of rainforest are cleared every minute. That makes 2,100 soccer fields ...
popular TV shows and Blue Peter presenters

Blue Peter Presenters

Blue Peter Presenters - All Time List Blue Peter is the longest running children's TV programme in the world. The first show was broadcast on the BBC in 1958 and it's still broadcast today. Since 1958 Blue Peter ...
best actress Oscar winners

Oscar Winners – Best Actressess

Best Actress Oscar Winners - 2019 Academy Awards On 24 February 2019 the 91st Academy Awards ceremony, called "The Oscars", took place at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA. The best actress Oscar winners are chosen ...
acronyms list

Acronyms List

Acronyms List Includes Popular Abbreviations, Initialisms & Wordplay. Generally acronyms are a shorter and convenient way to abbreviate words by taking the first letter of each word to form the acronym. Acronyms are commonly used to create memorable ...
famous actors

Famous Male Actors A-C

Famous Actors List: A to C My One Regret In Life Is That I Am Not Someone Else - Woody Allen Woody Allen is one of America's most famous actors and movie directors having made dozens of films, ...
famous actors list

Famous Male Actors Q-Z

Famous Actors List Q to Z Sometimes In Movies, I Still Have To Be The Hero, But It's Not All That Important To Me Anymore ... says Dennis William Quaid modestly, who tops this famous actors list. The ...

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